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FormAdaptor packages and deployment pitfalls: a warning.

So I haven't been able to blog about AX7 as often as I had hoped to. As usual, life gets in the way. In fact, so much has happened since my last post that we can't even call it AX anymore! Welcome to the world of Dynamics 365 for Operations. D365FO? That's a seriously ugly acronym. I wanted to post a warning today. It's a small thing, but it just caused us a couple of days of hair-pulling and confusion. In your D365FO development environment, you will see multiple packages that are suffixed with FormAdaptor. According to Microsoft, "Form adaptors...

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Layers: Farewell, old friend

  Layers used to be the defining technology of the Axapta/AX framework. They were something that could be used to detect a true AX developer. "Explain to my what layers are?" you could ask in an interview to detect a faker from a real X++ expert. They were always the first concept I would teach in a development class. Without understanding them, you could instantly make a mess from your first line of X++ code. "Someone coded in the USR layer!" you could hear people exclaim, with an incredulous tone in their voice. This is now a thing of the...

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AX7 new technical concepts and the learning curve from AX2012

I'm at the Microsoft Ignite conference in Atlanta this week. If i'm not wrong, this is the first time Dynamics AX technical content has been offered alongside other Microsoft products at a major conference. I'm attending this conference primarily to gain knowledge about the AX7 product, and how it differs from AX2012. Specifically I want to know how my day-to-day job will change over the next few years.  Long story short, there are a lot of changes. But we've gone through changes in AX before. I remember how different AX4 looked to Axapta 3.0. And then the technical changes introduced in...

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New website!

  Welcome to the new-look website for Perfect Programming! We've been so busy working on AX implementations for our customers, that we let our website get a little stale. We hope you enjoy this fresh look.

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