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AX7 new technical concepts and the learning curve from AX2012

I'm at the Microsoft Ignite conference in Atlanta this week. If i'm not wrong, this is the first time Dynamics AX technical content has been offered alongside other Microsoft products at a major conference. I'm attending this conference primarily to gain knowledge about the AX7 product, and how it differs from AX2012. Specifically I want to know how my day-to-day job will change over the next few years. 

Long story short, there are a lot of changes. But we've gone through changes in AX before. I remember how different AX4 looked to Axapta 3.0. And then the technical changes introduced in AX2012 completely changed our processes. Some of these changes are so radical, that people can take a long time to adopt them. For example, I still (3+ years after release) see some developers using XPOs and Projects in AX2012, when they really should be using Models to group and export/import their customized elements. With AX7, we don't have the luxury to keep using old techniques - they simply aren't there any more. No more XPO. No more MorphX. No more rich client!

It's a learning curve at a gradient we haven't seen in AX before.

The most stark thing I've noticed, if the sheer number of new concepts and terminology. It almost feels like a completely new product - in many ways, I guess it is. I spun up this word cloud to show just how many new terms we have to get used to.

While not all of these terms will be 100% new to many of us, most of them are new to me. This made me want to share my experiences as I come to grips with all the new concepts that I need to get acquainted with. So, with that, here is my first blog post. I'll be trying to write a series of posts, sharing my experiences with these new concepts. Some from hands on experience (I'm lucky enough to be part of an AX7 implementation), and some drawn from this conference, and from the wisdom of others out there in the AX digital space.

I hope you find this, and the upcoming posts, useful. I strongly encourage discussion about my posts. I make no claim to have everything correct yet! Constructive feedback is very welcome.

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