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D365 One Version Updates

The One Version update strategy was implemented by Microsoft to help you stay current on Dynamics 365 in a consistent, predictable, and seamless manner. This requires that you update your version of Dynamics 365 at a cadence that ensures you are never more than 3 versions behind. You can also choose to take updates more frequently.

For those businesses who no longer have a full time Microsoft partner, or do not have the necessary in-house resources to perform the One Version update steps, the updates can seem complex and overwhelming. Some may oversimplify it and skip performing crucial technical steps to keep your code stable for the future.

Perfect Programming is here to help, by providing ad-hoc support when you need it. We have assisted clients through many One Version updates, and have all the skills you need to augment your team during these mandatory updates.

We can help you prepare the necessary virtual machines to support the technical update and regression testing steps. We can perform the installation of the update itself, the review of code to detect conflicts with any ISV/custom code, resolve any conflicts found, and then search for any obsolete code references to make sure your code is compatible with Microsoft's for the next 12 months and beyond. We can then shake out any data incompatibility issues before testing begins. Once your regression testing is complete, we can perform tried and true steps to get across the finish line and cleanly update all the VMs in your D365 landscape, without risking the possibility to patch your current version Production system as needed.

If you are in need of assistance with your One Version updates, please reach out to us - we are ready to get you up-to-date.